Our Miss Retro sandal was inspired by 1960 vibes.  Summer of Love baby!

Sandal Details
  • Original retro design in striking summer colours;
  • Quick and easy back ankle zip fastener to provide ankle support.
  • The ankle strap is fairly loose fitting to provide flexible ankle movement therefore suitable for all ankle sizes. The enclosed heel and toe bridge provide foot support.
  • Flat sole features light and cushioned .7cm depth and 1.3cm heel depth
  • Material is man made PU (Poly) Synthetic Leather
  • Designed and sold exclusively by Miss Goody 2 Shoes an Australian designer.
    Sandal Sizing information
    Very often people size DOWN in the following circumstances:
    a. If you consider your feet to be slim/narrow
    b. If you usually wear a half size (for example if you are sometimes or usually a 7.5, size down to the 7)

    Please email info@missgoody2shoes.com.au for sizing advice.

    If you are a fan and wearer of our Hot Chocolate Design Chocolaticas flats, our Sandals sizing is pretty much spot-on lining up with your Chocs For example, if the love heart on the sole (near the heel) of your Chocs says 38, you’ll be an 8 in sandals… if it says 39 you’ll be a 9, if it says 40, you’ll be a 10, and so on. However if you wear your Chocs fairly loose, then you will need to SIZE DOWN in sandals.