Miss Love Bug Antique White

Miss Love Bug Antique White



Miss Love Bug sandal was inspired by Queenslands Surfers Paradise summer vibe.  Featuring mismatch VW original prints on the sandals which match! 

On the left sandal there is a surfy VW Kombi and on the right sandal there is a matching surfy VW Beetle !!  The print is complimented with scattered summer hibiscus flowers and cool looking suns wearing sun-glasses.  Look closely and you will see 'Miss Goody 2 Shoes' on both VW vehicle number plates. 

Yea baby! Dip your toes into Love Bugs this summer!

Sandal Details

  • Featuring mismatch print with VW van and VW beetle
  • Super comfortable cushioned sole with arch support and moulded heel cup to support your foot.
  • Heel cup cradles the heel, providing a supported and straight comfortable strike of the heel to the ground as you walk.
  • Soft sole lining for comfort.
  • Easy self-fastening loop and hook (velcro fastener) ankle strap.  Adjustable ankle strap loop and hook (velcro fastener) to fit either narrow/regular/wide ankle.
  • Toe bridge is suitable for slim/narrow and regular foot. (Not suitable for wide foot)
  • Material is man made PU (Poly) Synthetic Leather.
  • Scalloped upper foot edging.
  • Light 3 cm sole height.
  • White tread sole.
  • Miss Goody 2 Shoes designed.

Sizing information - Ideal for regular or narrow foot as the toe bridge is snug fitting to provide a supportive fit.  Choose the size nearest your most-often purchased AU/US size.  For example if you are usually an AU/US 9, choose 9.   If you are a 1/2 size, please size up.  For example if you are a 8 1/2, purchase size 9.  

If you are a fan and wearer of our Hot Chocolate Design Chocolaticas flats, our Miss Love Bug Sandals is pretty much spot-on lining up with your Chocs if you have a regular or slim/narrow foot.  For example, if the love heart on the sole (near the heel) of your Chocs says 38, you’ll be an 8 in sandals … if it says 39 you’ll be a 9, if it says 40, you’ll be a 10, and so on.