These boots are glittery perfection…they have a lovely texture and amazing sparkle! They are black glitter with a sprinkling of silver.

Super quirky and oh so comfy 8 hole boots with laces and a side zip – making them not only pretty and comfortable but so easy to get on and off!

Boots come with 2 pairs of laces – black and silver!

Boots have a rubber sole and are made of PU vegan leather.

Designed by Tracey @ Rainbows and Fairies in Australia (Central Coast NSW)

Manufactured in China (the factory still do most of the shoe making by hand!)

      Sizing information - For a perfect size, measure your foot from heel to toe and refer to the sole measurements below.  Then simply choose the size nearest your measurement.

      If you're already a Hot Chocolate Design (HCD) fan and are adding to your collection, all sizing is the same excluding size 9 and above which you need to size up.   For example, if there's a 38 on the sole of your HCD shoe, this is a size 8, so please select size 8.  If there's a 39 on the sole of your shoe, this is a size 9, therefore you need to size up and select size 10.  HCD size 40, please size up and select size 11 and so on...easy peasy.