What is the product safety issue about?

The issue relates to small music boxes that were provided as free gifts to customers from the manufacturers of the Hot Chocolate Design-brand shoes, from 2019 onwards. These free gifts were shipped with purchases made around the Halloween and Christmas periods. We are aware of a potential safety risk regarding the batteries used in these gifts.


If I still have these gifts or know where one is, what do I do?

Ensure they are out of reach of children. Then safely and responsibly dispose of the batteries.


Where can I safely dispose of the battery?

Some major retailers offer battery recycling facilities, including Bunnings, Aldi, Officeworks, IKEA, and Battery World. Many local councils have battery recycling services, or you can find a local battery drop-off point here.


What are you doing to manage the issue?

As soon as we were made aware, we contacted the manufacturer to alert them to the issue, and we immediately stopped shipping these gifts with orders. We acted quickly to let our customers know as soon as possible. Where required, we will work with any authorities and regulators to manage the issue responsibly.


Will I get a refund?

The music boxes were provided as a free gift by the manufacturer. As such, there will be no refunds offered.